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Stretch-Break Converter Type 873 

The type 873 stretch-break converter is suitable for the conversion of any type of tow, with adjustable and reproducible diagrams. The main processed fibres are acrylic (PAN), polyester (PES), polypropylene (PP) or viscose (CV).

The main features are

• Flexible handling and easy adjustment of the machine
• Reduced and simple maintenance
• Robust overall construction
• Upon request: machine with working side ON THE LEFT
• Efficient crimping device for a perfect out coming sliver (see photo)
• Efficient steaming device for fixed fibres and also high-bulk tops
• High productivity by high powered heating plates (48 kW)

Crimping device 
Pressure roll SP1100.4
Id.-No. 0460510010

Our valued customers have often asked us to offer our pressure roll for the latest generation of stretch-break converters with a bigger outer diameter. With immediate effect, the new standard outer diameter is 285 mm, suitable for machines type 875, 873, 871, 870, 860 and 679.

Besides the usual and well-known reliability due to 100 % German manufacture, this roll features longer operation time thanks to thicker ©Vulkollan coating and best bonding.

Our spare parts department is looking forward to receiving your enquiries and orders: or
Messer m Hakenklinge

Knife with hook blade
Id.-no.: 1377210222

This knife has the following advantages for the use on a stretch-break converter (removal of a lap):

1. Safety lock to prevent injuries

2. Special design to protect delicate surfaces of pressure rolls, pre-stretching and breaking cylinders

3. Exchangeable, two-sided hook blade for quick and effective removal and cutting of material


Manual tow splicer
Id.-No. 0190110000

To strongly connect tow ends by splice on stretch-break and cut converters. Tow splice instead of knot increases the machine efficiency and reduces the waste percentage. Easy operation.

Technical details

Tow weight: up to 240 ktex
Working width: 685 mm
Operation time: approx. 1,5 minutes
Compressed air pressure: 8 – 10 bar
Compressed air consumption: approx. 500 l per splice
Measurements: 800 X 750 X 920 mm
Net weight: 45 kg

New types of cleaners with integrated lap stop in the pre-stretching zone
Standard type from machine type 875 – retrofit for older machines type 873, 871, 870 and 860.


- more points of control
- machine stops quicker in case of lap formation = less waste of material
- fewer machine standstills as the operator can react quicker
- quicker change of the cleaner ledges

Cleaner A+B
Id.-No. 01705599AB
(= complete modification set for 1 machine)
Cleaner type A
Id.-No. 017055099A
(only for pre-stretching head 1/3 + 2 / 7 x needed for each machine)
Cleaner type B
Id.-No. 017055099B
(only for pre-stretching head 2 center / 1 x needed for each machine)



We offer overhauled and/or reconditioned machines of many kinds (long-staple machinery).
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