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Stretch-Break Converter Type 873 

The type 873 stretch-break converter is suitable for the conversion of any type of tow, with adjustable and reproducible diagrams. The main processed fibres are acrylic (PAN), polyester (PES), polypropylene (PP) or viscose (CV).

The main features are

• Flexible handling and easy adjustment of the machine

• Reduced and simple maintenance

• Robust overall construction

• Upon request: machine with working side ON THE LEFT

• Efficient crimping device for a perfect out coming sliver (see photo)

• Efficient steaming device for fixed fibres and also high-bulk tops

• High productivity by high powered heating plates (48 kW)

Crimping device 


Our valued customers have often asked us to offer our pressure roll for the latest generation of stretch-break converters with a bigger outer diameter.

Now, at the occasion of presenting our new and improved

stretch-break converter Seydel type 875 at the ITMA 2019 in Barcelona, Spain, we gladly introduce this pressure roll with an

outer diameter of 285 mm (former value: 280 mm) on the market. Besides the usual and well-known reliability due to 100 % German manufacture, this roll features longer operation time due to thicker ©Vulkollan coating and best bonding.

Convince yourself and get your original Seydel pressure rolls quickly! For all orders received by December 31, 2019 the price for this improved and longer-lasting pressure roll will not be increased (limited offer – introductory price)!

We are looking forward to receiving your enquiries and orders for this type of pressure roll SP1100.4 (id.-no. 0460510010, suitable for machines type 873, 871, 870, 860, 679).

Please contact our spare parts department:




Nous sommes en mesure de vous proposer des machines d’occasion des fabrications diverses
(seulement fibres longues), révisées et/ou remises en état. Si vous en avez besoin, veuillez contacter


Pour vos demandes de pièces de rechange veuillez contacter ou en indiquant les détails suivants:
Type de machine avec numéro de série / Description complète du catalogue + no. de page + no. de pos. + no. d’identification / Quantité désirée


Si vous avez besoin d’une visite d’un technicien pour examiner votre machine Seydel, veuillez contacter pour recevoir une offre.