The original for more than 125 years

Seydel: Inventor of stretch-break converters

Seydel is the leading company in the manufacture of machines for the transformation of continuous chemical fibres in discontinuous fibres for worsted system spinning.
In the mid-30s – with the invention of polyamide – Seydel developed the first stretch-break converters.
At the end of 1966, the production of sisal, hemp and jute was given up in order to fully concentrate on the stretch-break converter market.
Since then, Seydel has successfully contributed to the development of the tow-to-tow processes first and tow-to-yarn processes later – with the multiblender and integrated drawing frames.

Seydel has installed more than 2500 stretch-break converters worldwide, in Europe, USA, South America, Africa, Middle and Far East including China.
The high quality and strength level of these machines, which rendered the Seydel brand famous, must be highlighted.
They have long been identified with the stretch-breaking process.

Seydel: Leader in the conversion of man-made fibres

The systems for tow-to-top converting of man-made fibres must be efficient to ensure high production levels and excellent quality.
Seydel manufactures high performance machines for tow-to-top conversion, the latest model is the 873 stretch-break converter.
Seydel’s tow-to-top converters are suitable for all types of tows available on the market and deliver excellent results, especially with regard to:
• Consistency of wool-length fibre diagrams
• Sliver evenness
• Cleanliness with minimum number of neps and other flaws
• Suitability of spinning pure fibres, blendings with wool or other fibres

Seydel: World class specialist in long staple fibre processing